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Smoke and Mirrors

Several of our clients in 2011 have been touted by SEO firms and traders plying their wares so to speak. One of the problems businesses have when buying SEO in Romsey, Eastleigh, Southampton or wherever, is that they don’t really know what they are buying…

What is SEO?
The answer to that is in our SEO section, but the all to common promise is ‘First Page Google Results… Guaranteed!’ (Hum… anybody heard of Google Maps?) Careful how you tread, some of these guys are like the old ‘Tincture’ salesmen of the Wild West selling a cure all that is little more than bluff and bluster.

Like the wild west!

An example, which can be confirmed if needs arise… A client of Ape Red’s was shown a print out as part of an SEO Audit showing that his website’s average page download time was four point something seconds, making it one of the slowest sites in the world! On being alerted Ape Red advised that the clients own Google Analytics would show that to be the case if true.

It wasn’t, the average download time was 1.4 seconds putting it amongst the fastest 20% of sites on Google! We looked at the other claims made and found them to be either misguided generalisations, nonsense or untruths.

An age old sales technique used since the dark ages called ‘Hurt and Rescue’. Show them the pain then sell them the cure! Very wild west but some still fall for it…

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