Dynamic Web Design

Dynamic Website example (Non Responsive)

Dynamically Created Content

A dynamic website is a multi page website with one URL (web address) where the different content is generated ‘dynamically’ on the server. This technique can be used for complete pages or sections of a page. The Romsey Purbani’s website is an example where the pages are dynamically created, you will notice the URL doesn’t change. ie. It remains as www.purbani.co.uk as you move from page to page.

  • Image 1 - Desktop Wide Screen Monitor
  • -Image 2 - iPad mini (Landcape)
  • -Image 3 - iPad mini (Portrait)
  • -Image 4 - Samsung Galaxy 3 (Portrait)
  • -Image 5 - Samsung Galaxy 3 (Landscape)

Note: The Smartphone image in portrait format shows a good example of the limitations of unresponsive design.

Live Preview

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