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Who is Ape Red Media

Jem Robinson


25 years of marketing, sales, and design experience. First site designed and launched in 1997.

The Crew


Copy writers, editors, art directors, we have an impressive group of associates to call on when needed.

Why Use Us?

As your web designer

Service levels you should expect at prices you wont!
Plus - Print Management, marketing support and SEO.

About Romsey’s local web design and hosting business.

Ape Red Media is a local (and not so local) web design and web support business. We serve small and medium size enterprises in Romsey, Hampshire and beyond.

Our focus is always on what we can do for our customers, to help you achieve your goals for your business presence on the internet.

In the Top 20 Out of 6000!

Top 20 position on WWDC Since 2009 (ish). Testimonials from our customers say it all really.

wwdcOut of 6000+ web design companies listed with Which Web Design Company, Ape Red Media of Romsey made the first page for a Global and UK search.

(2014: OK we're halfway up the page but we’ve been very busy working for our clients!) Positioning in the ranking is based on multiple factors but customer testimonials and customer rankings are key measurements.

Our clients have consistently scored us very well indeed and this is no doubt due to our commitment to and our efforts for each of our clients.

Customer Expectation

Far from the ‘Over Sell – Under Provide’ method of operating we choose setting realistic customer expectations before the work is commenced as the best route to happy clients.

We tell our clients the truth about their expectations for their web site, help them measure their expectations reasonably against their budgets and highlight the playing fields hurdles when identified.

We outline reasonable time expectations for the ‘realisation’ of results for such elements as SEO. Good Search Engine Optimisation is not an instant trick, it takes time for results to show. You'll find us on Facebook (scroll down the page for a quick look), Twitter and Pinterest.

Core Skills

There are many reasons to redesign a website including;

  • make a site responsive
  • reviving an old and tired look
  • modernising an outdated look
  • improving structure and layout for SEO purposes,

One of the most common reasosn currently is to make a site responsive to the range of handheld devices now in use.

Why? In the 12 months ending August 2012 45% of UK internet users accessed with a smartphone. In 2014 it is predicted that smartphone adoption in the UK will reach 75%

If customers struggle to use your site on a mobile device, they’ll find another site, simple. Not good for your business, not good for your website in Googles eyes!

Being found is surely the most important point for a business website, no visitors-no point!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, the practice of making sure your site has the required elements on each page to aid the search engines in indexing them correctly and to target search terms that are relevant to the site. SEO also includes ‘Off Page’ strategies including link building and Social Media Management. First 5 points on our 30 point SEO check list.

Interactive Print bridges the gap between digital content and the printed word and image perfectly.

It allows you to speak more powerfully to readers, be it an article or an advert.

Interactive print allows you to include slideshows and videos, sound files, links on the printed page. The times they are a changing as Bob Dylan said all those years ago! How little did he know! The Bonus!

Our experience ranges from designing 2 inch square print adverts through to creating complete marketing campaigns including concept, content, art, scripts and measurement for direct mail and telecanvasing follow up marketing campaigns. Standing Out from the crowd and being remembered isn’t easy when the average person sees 100’s of adverts and marketing messages every day. We can help, we have a secret weapon! The Secret Weapon

Ape Red & Associates Skill Rating

Web Design
Website Redesign
Print Design
Interactive Print