The Brief

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Design Briefs... Why use one?

Designing websites, whether low budget landing pages or huge ecommerce projects, start from the same point… What does the customer want? How to get what you want starts with knowing what it is that you want!

Our clients tend to come to us in one of two mind sets. Which one are you?

Mind Set 1.

They want a website but don’t have much of an outline of what they want, they just know they need a website… and want to know how much it will cost...

Mind Set 2.

…or they come to us knowing pretty much what they want with clear ideas and want to know how much it will cost.
Regardless, our starting point through an initial discussion is to work out a design brief, an outline of what needs to be achieved for you. Mind set 2 has a head start and will be quicker to quote for.

Not Sure Where to Start?

There's three options to get the ball rolling.

Build a website and they’ll come …… Not quite!

Once upon a time (supposedly) you could build a website and visitors would come with little effort but if those days ever existed they’re long gone now. A website that works is a collection of elements which are designed and positioned to target the websites aim.

The purpose of a website could be to;
  • Generate Online or Offline Sales
  • Create Initial Enquiries by Email and Telephone
  • Take Subscriptions
  • Obtain Information from the general public (eg. market research)
  • To share ideas and generate a following

In simple terms a design brief is a plan which guides the designer in the creation of the website or artwork. It usually describes the purpose, the feel, the target market and details the content required. It might include examples of work that the client likes. It allows the designer to make your site as you want it without wasting time guessing.

No, thankfully you don’t! We have a pre-prepared questionnaire which can be filled in online however it presupposes that the client knows the answers to questions like ‘who is your target market’ and this is not always the case. To this end we have a detailed design brief questionnaire and a rough outline questionnaire.

Why choose us?

  • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Attention grabbing sliders to showcase important content
  • Galleries to display your work and/or services, email forms, video and more.
  • SEO foundations to give you an excellent starting point from which to grow.
  • We provide support because we care about your site as much as you do.

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