Social Media Management - the new 'Search'

A phrase that has come to the forefront and not surprisingly. Social Media has changed our behaviours massively. More than half the adult population of the UK use Social Media - half of all businesses customers!

What is SEO All About?

Most businesses these days know what SEO (search engine optimisation) is and why they must put it into practice but somebody starting a business for the first time may not.

Now not everybody uses Social Media but it appears the majority of us do in one way or another. Take a look at this video from the site blog for a moment, and this is now old!

Facebook published its number of daily users in the UK for the first time in August 2013 and the figures showed that more than a third of the UK population were visiting the site every day.
(Ami Sedghi posted in the Guardian)

Half of the UK population...

24 million log in daily and 33 million unique users every month! That’s over half of the UK population in total logging in monthly. In simple terms this means that half of your town use Facebook!

83% – use a smartphone or tablet to check updates on Facebook, and 58% of UK Facebook users are between the ages of 25 – 64 years old.

On average half of every businesses customers in the UK use Facebook every month, a third every day, 8 out of ten of them on a smartphone!

The graphic opposite (or below if on a smartphone) below from Social Bakers shows the age distribution group sizes and the male/female split in users.

What does Social Media Management achieve?

Engaging with potential customers, spreading the word through your local community and beyond while at the same time generating social media signals picked up by the search engines to help improve your search results. Managing Social Media sits well with managing your SEO.

Questions for you;

  • Are you joining in the conversation with a third of your customers or leaving them to engage with your competitors?

  • Is your site device responsive and easy to share across social media platforms?

Why choose us?

  • We'll manage your Social Media Accounts writing posts throughout the weeks.
  • We'll save you time by engaging with comments, repliess, retweets, favourites etc
  • We'll create image posts for maximum effect throughout the month
  • We'll build real followers for your brand big or small
  • We'll create simple marketing messages to help sell your services or products

Real Communities of real followers require real communication, a real voice and a regular voice.

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