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Online Brochure, yeah it’s one of those terms that has two meanings, online brochures can be just that, an online document that you can flip the pages over as seen in programs like ISSUU opposite, or a PDF document of course. Brochure style website sites are sites that are essentially like a brochure some just call them…  well… websites!

Here we’re concerned with online brochures as PDF or a flash documents, and to give you the heads up on what we’re talking about here, either to the right or below  if on a smartphone, you’ll see an example of a brochure designed for a client presented in ISSUU. Clicking the arrow (except on smarphones) as you roll over the document will flip the pages of the thumbnail version without leaving this page, click the 'click to read' button will take you the full screen ISSUU version


Why an online brochure?

Online versions of printed brochures and magazines published on ISSUU extend the reach of the publication and are used by publishers large and small from brand names like Vogue to the lesser known but very cool Jock’s & Nerds.

For the small business owner it offers a robust and dependable online presence where potential customers can be directed to view the business brochure in a format harking to the printed version. The reduction in costs takes little working out between mail dropping printed brochures and emailing links to online versions in either the flash or PDF format. Plus you can easily embed them into your Social Media feeds!

PDF’s are a given these days, they open and can be read on any computer regardless of operating system, are comparatively small file sizes so are good for email and web distribution, and can look very professional. I was tempted to write ‘very’ twice there, as they really can look amazing when created in a desktop publishing package.

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What is it with PDF's ?

When we create any print artwork for clients we always produce PDF versions at no extra charge. The hard work is done in the design and layout, creating a PDF is simply the click of a button.

PDF's have been around a long time now, I started working in PDF format back in version 3 of Acrobat, way back in 1996. These days PDF documents are fully searchable, can hold internal and external linking, display video and more.

Ten reasons why PDF's are used. Click here.

Next Step?

If you'd like some help the next step might be to complete a brief or a detailed design brief and submit it for a quote, or maybe you'd prefer a chat! We don't have sales men eager to persuade, we'll simply listen to your thoughts and give you ours free of charge or obligation.

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