Identify What You Need

The Detailed Design Brief

I know, I do, really, but it's a great help for all of us, especially you! What are the words to that song? 'I can see clearly now...'

It’ll be done before you know it and it’ll probably give you a few ideas, maybe bring up some questions you hadn’t thought of and don’t worry as soon as you click the submit button you’ll get a copy of everything emailed straight back to you. Nothing is set in stone, you can change your mind, make additions and delete answers, this is the starting point to building you the website you want, that achieves what you need it to achieve.

Customer Expectation

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” Michael Leboeuf

Far from the ‘Over Sell – Under Provide’ method of operating we choose setting realistic customer expectations before the work is commenced as the best route to happy clients.

We tell our clients the truth about their expectations for their web site, help them measure their expectations reasonably against their budgets and highlight the playing fields hurdles when identified.

We outline reasonable time expectations for the ‘realisation’ of results for such elements as SEO. Good Search Engine Optimisation is not an instant trick, it takes time for results to show.