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If nobody finds your site, what's the point? Optimising your pages increases the chances of being found! It improves your online visibility, which increases your visitors which in turn improves the return on the investment on your website. Use our Free SEO Reporting tool to see how you currently score and compare your competitors.

What is SEO All About?

Most businesses these days know what SEO (search engine optimisation) is and why they must put it into practice but somebody starting a business for the first time may not.

If you’re starting a business and have a website, you'll no doubt be thinking that people are searching for your products or services every day using search engines, most probably Google. However, unless you have set into place ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO for short) from the outset, it's unlikely that your potential customers are actually finding your site unless being directed there by paid for advertising.

SEO is...

In simple terms search engine optimisation is the process used to ensure that potential customers find you (as opposed to one of your competitors) when they search the internet with one of the major search engines. Compare how you score against your competitors with our Free SEO Audit Tool. Results in Less than 60 seconds.

What SEO isn’t!

SEO is a constant activity if you need to generate business from your website so it’s not a one hit wonder! SEO results do not appear over night, it takes time for the search engines to register and index you so it’s not a magic wand that with one waft you’ll appear on the front page. SEO is also not the same for every business, if you are looking for local customers, then you don’t need to show up nationally for your keywords.

Surprisingly Priced SEO!

There are basically 3 levels of SEO to consider which are Local, National and Global. You don't have to be a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure out that it's much more difficult to get onto page one of Google for a search term world wide than in one village in Hampshire! It shouldn't be any surprise that the costs of each level of service will increase accordingly. There is a sensible way of working out if SEO is cost effective which can be found on our SEO Basics page.

Romsey SEO

There are advantages to having a local SEO service, especially when you know that service has been rated in the top 20 of 6000 plus web design firms for customer service!

Our clients are very important to us wherever they are based but our local clients have a slight upper hand on those further afield. If they have a problem we can be with them rather than at the end of the phone!

What does SEO include?

SEO to some is broken into ‘on page’ and ‘off page’ and we use these terms as general distinctions but we see SEO as a much bigger picture of elements working together to drive results.

The SEO Elements in 2014

  • Original 'on topic' content

  • Correctly structured 'on page' elements

  • Authentic & considered off page activities

  • Smartphone & Tablet intergration

  • Social Media interaction

  • Integrate pay per click alongside SEO

Why choose us?

  • Surprisingly priced for the service you get!
  • We always under sell and over provide
  • Press release writing and distribution,Twitter and email marketing/distribution.
  • Google indexing and Social Media Outreaching, video production and Youtube uploading and optimisation as only part of our off page activity!
  • We perform bad link analysis, back link clean up and keyword research for 6 search terms.

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