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Search Engine Basics !

Getting into the top ten of 90,400 page results doesn't happen by accident. Use our Free Audit Tool to see how you score for the basics! If you’re under 20 out of 100 definitely give us a call, 50 plus is OK but in the 70’s – 80’s is the ideal, 90’s to 100 perfection! We’re currently number 1 for Web Designers Romsey , call us today on 01794 521516 to see how we can help you get a better position on Google.

Search Engine Spidering

Correctly structuring your content will help your website be indexed favourably. Search engines use a process called spidering to collect information from web pages. This involves downloading web pages, searching the page's content and following links on pages to other pages and downloading those pages as well, analysing their content and relevance to the previous pages and repeating the process. more...

Search Engine Algorithms

Taking into account Social Media will help your sites positions in search results. SEO specialists studying the way search engines work, keep up to date with changes to search engine algorithms and how they affect search results. Typically SEO strategies target the 2 key areas of on page and off page optimisation. Through 2013 and 2014 this is being widened to take into account the massive influences of Social Media. Search has changed, Facebook gets more traffic than Google, we used to search, find and act. We now seem to search find and ask! Ask friends on Facebook , followers on Twitter or whatever our choice Social Media is.

SEO Techniques

SEO specialists studying the way search engines work, keep up to date with changes to search engine algorithms and how they affect search results. more...

On Page Optimisation

On-page factors are under the direct control of website owners. They can involve text used on a page, the way pages are coded, site structure and information hierarchy. Ensuring content is optimised for both users and search engines is a key function for any search engine optimiser.

Off Page Optimisation

Most search engines try to measure the importance or reputation of web pages and attempt to gauge how other people view a site and its content. This involves looking at the other sites that are linking to a page (and site). Link building strategies can be created to ensure sites have an effective online reputation contributing to search engine success. Furthermore social media presence can be used to both increase site reputation and traffic. more...

Search Engine Optimisation in Romsey

Basic Risk Calculating

A simple way to gauge whether or not you should concentrate on SEO yourself or hire a professional to carry out the whole task for you is to look at the value of a transaction to your business.

Ape Red Media charge £36 per hour for dedicated SEO work although there are some special packages we do across a minimum of 3 months which work out cheaper. A basic local SEO package would cost £99 set up followed by £124.50 per month for three months, This includes a great deal mind you, the equivalent of 8 hours set up and a saving of £189 plus an average of 5 hours per month, a saving of £166.50 over three months. Getting your on page basics right however is very inexpensive at £49.50.

The Sums

So for the first quarter the total SEO bill would be £521.50, and the simple way of identifying if this a course of action to consider is to work out how many sales of your products or services it will take to break even. more...

SEO Expectations

Our clients can expect their search results to be improved, this is the whole purpose, but it must be understood that results can take time and those results will change over time as other sites improve their SEO and Google and the search engines change their algorithms.

What can you expect?

Single page ‘On Page SEO’ update, our clients can expect their page to be up to date with the current webmaster guidelines published by Google. For low competitive search terms this is sometimes enough to make a noticeable difference in the search results. This is a good method of testing our ability by the way and costs a mere £49! or for our On Page SEO Extra £98.50

With a Local Search Package 3 local based search phrases keyword researched for On-Page (homepage) optimisation, A bad link analysis and a code crawl analysis to highlight what Google and other search engines see to identify and correct errors.The set up of a Google+ Business Page, entry onto Google Maps/Places and inclusion on local directories. An 'On-Page Grader Report' detailing that the homepage of your website has now got an on-page grade A and why that is the case.

The Bigger the better

With a National Search Package 12 national based search phrases keyword researched for On-Page optimisation of your homepage and 10 additional pages fully optimised. Plus;

  • Bad link analysis
  • Back link clean-up
  • Code crawl scan and page alteration / SEO amendments
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Twitter and email marketing/distribution
  • Video production and Youtube uploading and optimisation
  • Google indexing and Social Media Outreaching
  • Cross Media Planning for targetting traffic
  • On-page grader report and ongoing reporting

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