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Capture attention, engage with your audience and deliver your message,interactive print does all three like never before! Instruction manuals, Marketing Collateral, Training Material, Advertising. ALL MEASUREABLE!

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Being seen and remembered. I remember the first time I saw interactive print, I remember the media name, I remember what I scanned, I remember being impressed and that was 12 months ago!

Would you like your business's marketing to have that impact? Stand out from the crowd today and be remembered before it becomes the norm.

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Stand out from the crowd...

Currently interactive print is new and entertaining, when never seen before it makes a huge impact on the viewer. Within a fairly short time frame though it is likely to become common place. Why? Because it is user friendly, useful to the user, and takes advantage of the uptake of smartphones, set to reach 75% in 2014, and tablets set to reach 50%.

Don’t miss the opportunity, exploit interactive print today, stand out from the crowd, be remembered as one of the first in your market place!

Imagine the possibilities...

The video opposite is currently live with a joint marketing campaign with a client, for a copy to see video, slideshows and live links play from the page click below, or watch the video for a taster.


**The draw is from the campaign the video was used in. If between July 25th and October 30th 2014 you can enter by asking for a live example and following the instructions.

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Live Example

Why interactive print? ... Measurement

Apart from capturing attention interactive print is ideal for businesses that need to keep an eye on how their advertising is working, or to know how many attendees of a conference or course interacted with distributed materials for instance, or how many engaged with a direct mail piece .

Imagine being able to measure your advertising, comparing distribution numbers with how many unique users interacted with your ad! Gauge the effectiveness of both the ad and the media you have placed the ad in. If distribution is 30,000 for example and only a handful engaged with your advert then there's something wrong with either the ad or the media, unless of course you were targeting only those 5 or 6 readers!

You might not like the result but at least you can do something about it! Imagine if there were hudreds who interacted but you got no calls? The ad has done it's job of grabbing attention, is the offer wrong? Is the media wrong? Interactive print allows you to take more control of your printed marketing materials through measurement.

Imagine holding training courses or seminars and being able to see how many attendees are interacting with your material? Imagine a training manual that as well as written instructions played videos from the page, slideshows, the spoken word and of course links, maybe back to the businesses website.

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