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Embedded Blog

Blogging platforms such as Tumblr can be used to dispaly a blog on your own url, or embedded into a page on your website. Why would you embed? I choose to embed the Tumblr blog page as it provides Ape Red Media with an additional url with unique content (ish), a second website essentially at (apered.tumblr.com), and the more rods you have in the pond, the more fish you’re likely to catch so to speak. (Similar to having Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages)

  • Image 1 - Desktop (Not embedded)
  • -Image 2 - iPad mini (Landcape - not embedded)
  • -Image 3 - iPad mini (Landscape - embedded)
  • -Image 4 - Samsung Galaxy 3 (In Browser)
  • -Image 5 - Samsung Galaxy 3 (In Tumblr App)

Note: With the redesign of this site we have converted the old news section into a blog with commenting powered by Disqus..

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