1 Page Web Design

Responsive One Page Website example

Single Page / Landing Page Design

One page websites have been in and out of favour over the years and currently they’re in fashion again. Like the ‘dynamic’ single page sites described below they look like a multi page when a navigation bar is present but the links are on one page. Parallax scrolling, very popular at the moment adds an animated scroll to the page. A good example of parallax scrolling is the Spotify site. We currently offer a low budget paralax scrolling responsive design.

  • Image 1 - iPad mini (Portrait) with full scroll to side
  • -Image 2 - iPad mini (Landcape)
  • -Image 3 - Desktop view
  • -Image 4 - Samsung Galaxy 3 (Portrait)
  • -Image 5 - Samsung Galaxy 3 (Landscape)

Note: There are some SEO issues with single page sites to be aware of one of them being key word optimisation. As all the content is on one page it makes it difficult to optimise for a range of different key words.

Live Preview

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