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Web Design in Romsey, Hampshire and beyond, Ape Red Media, your local web design service, search engine optimisation service and more! 20 years of hands on experience with web design, online marketing, copy writing, image work and SEO.

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A Local Romsey Web Design Business

Ape Red Media is a multipurpose web design, SEO, hosting and marketing business who’s sole objective is to help local businesses stay healthy!

We design and redesign websites and have done since 1997 so experience is not something we’re short of. We design for print including interactive print which really engages with your customers.

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HTML5 and CSS3 bring the web closer to being truly cross browser and cross device. Using modern coding and up to date platforms like Twitter’s Bootstrap we create device sensitive website pages that show you in your best light across devices from iPads to Samsung smart phones!

Image Work

Image work is second nature to us and using modern day tools such as Adobe’s Photoshop we can catch your customers/visitors attention, make visual statements, guide the eye to key points, etc , etc. We work with our clients art or buy in specific imagery or shoot specific imagery when required.

SEO - Search Optimisation

The SEO foundations of your website have to be solid but flexible to deal with the ever shifting currents of the major search engines. SEO or Search Engine Optimization friendly pages are essential and something we strive to establish from the outset.


Creating sales and marketing collateral for businesses over the last 30 years has provided insight into what works and what doesn’t, although with these changing times past failures becoming great successes isn’t unheard of. We provide marketing services from artwork to campaign planning.

Copy Writing

We provide copy writing for a range of projects including key word structured web copy for sites/or a blog, articles for print and web, marketing copy for mail drops, email campaigns, flyers and brochures. Scripts for  tele-canvasing, advertorial video shoots and more.

In House & Social!

Today Social Media can play a big part in marketing a business if focus can be kept and social pages not forgotten about or left dormant. We offer a social media management service along with SEO services where we can make posts on your behalf across all your social media accounts.

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